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Services include:

From initial program startup ideas and development strategies to complete program implementations, follow-up reports and presentations Resource Stewards services include:

Program Implementations

Whether for initial program start-ups to existing program improvements, Resource Stewards will provide cost-effective solutions and efficient program strategies for all sectors including single family & multi-family residential, schools, businesses and industrial and more.

Project Experience

  • Food Scrap collection programs.
  • Single-stream recycling and source separated recycling.
  • Solid Waste Contract Implementations & Contract Compliance
  • Waste Prevention & Sustainability

Public Education & Outreach

Public education & outreach campaigns and strategies with creative ideas for all sectors. Experienced in single and multi-family residential, businesses (from restaurants to offices and hospitals) public place programs locations (stadiums) and large scape industrial we have experience in all arenas.

Event Coordination

Whether your event is for several hundred attendees or smaller intimate staff training, services include:

  • Environmental & Sustainability Education Events.
  • Zero-Waste Events.
  • Trainings, Presentations.
  • Classes & Seminars on:
    • Recycling.
    • Food Scrap Recycling.
    • Waste Prevention & Sustainability.


With over 13 years of experience coordinating, presenting and managing facility tours, as well as contacts of key-people at many of the northwest’s largest environmental facilities.

  • Recycling Center Tours
  • Composting Faility Tours
  • Tours of businesses and facilities participating in sucessful environmental projects & programs.
  • Recycling programs & recycling solutions – single stream, source separated and more.
  • Food Scrap Recycling
  • Waste Prevention & Sustainability


  • Certified SCORE Sustainability Consultant

Resource Stewards staff has over 16 years of experience working with the public and private sector creating, implementing and managing public education outreach and marketing campaigns. Programs include recycling and food-scrap collection programs for residential projects, events, training, seminars & more.

Our background provides an in-depth knowledge and insight from both sides of the spectrum – both Public & Private, and experience that can provide you with a unique insight and cost-effective project implementations.