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Our Story

Since 1995 Kim Ducote, Project Manager has implemented a range of environmental programs and projects. Her background includes extensive experience in recycling composting/organics, solid waste and environmental education, outreach, event coordination and more.

Kim has worked with hundreds seeking to know more about environmental issues, waste prevention and recycling. Kim has worked with manufacturers and industrial facilities, hotels and restaurants, environmental agencies, service providers, processing facilities, residence and with the public answering questions, providing expertise, ideas and cost-effective program solutions.

For over 13 years Kim was affiliated with one of the largest recycling centers in the northwest region, where millions of pounds of recyclable material were sorted daily. Solid waste was also transferred from the facility to a landfill every day. Supported by this experience Kim can enter almost any question about recycling and food scrap/organics collection and provide unique solutions to issues, concerns and queries.

This background allowed Kim to see what happens, long term, to the items we purchase each day. Kim also knows how important it is to work with Producers & Manufacturers, so their products don’t leave a lasting legacy of waste in the garbage cans of their customers or in our landfills

In 2008 Kim was honored to be inducted into the Washington State Recycling Association’s Hall of Fame. Washington State Recycling Associations Hall of Fame was initiated in 2000 to recognize and honor individuals who have made long term contributions to recycling in the state.